Anthony Carbone as Elvis



Anthony wins the 2014 Rockton Elvisfest for a second time.


Anthony is the 2013 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest semifinalist and preliminary winner, representing Toronto in the Ultimate Elvis Festival in Memphis, August 2013.


Anthony performing in the Collingwood Elvisfest - 2008

Anthony doing Big Boss Man at the Toronto Elvisfest - 2009


Anthony as the Youth Senior Winner - Collingwood Elvis Festival - 2010

Anthony doing Let Us Pray in Collingwood - 2011

Anthony Carbone has taken the Elvis world by storm. Some refer to him as "The Phenom". He has been performing in competitions throughout Southern Ontario and Western New York, winning many since he was 13.

"He has a wonderful voice and stage presence" according to Nevin Grant, former CKOC 1150 program director and current member of the King's Court judging team.

Click the links above or below for pictures, news on upcoming events where you can watch Anthony perform live and download his music to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. He's available for your special events too, just click on the "Contact Us" link to send us an email.

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Update from Memphis
Daily Report From Thursday August 15th, 2013.

DAY 7:

Hi everyone, Cathy here reporting from Memphis.

Well folks, here we are at the evening after the Ultimate. As you know, none of our guys made it to the finals. It was kind of disappointing, but none of the guys are losers, they are all winners. 

The day started with the guys going to the Canon center for the orientation. It lasted about an hour and then they were shuttled over to The Hard Rock Cafê for the Meet 'n' Greet. That was very successful. They all were smoozing with everyone there. It was fun to see. I even got pictures with some of the ETAs. That ended around 12:30 p.m. and we headed back to the hotel to chill before the big night.

After the Ultimate, we just grabbed a pizza and came back to the hotel and had our own little party for a job done by Richard and Anthony.

Sunny with a cool breeze, just beautiful, lazy, relaxing day with no competitions to compete in for the guys.

We decided to take an old fashioned trolley ride down Main Street. We wanted to hit some retro clothing shops in the Arts district. We took it as far as the trolley would take us, which was the Lorraine Hotel. We looked in a few stores but no costumes to be found. But we did meet a gentleman there that did tours in his 1955 Cadillac. His business is called "The American Dream Safari." H\he told us of a few places where we were that would have been Elvis' stomping grounds. We were too late to go in them but it is called the "Arcade Restaurant" where Elvis regularly went to meet friends. It was a very retro style restaurant, nothing really changed from what it used to be. Too Cool.

We walked down to the Lorraine to take another look at the place where Martin Luther King was assassinated. Hopefully we can take a tour of the museum before we leave. 

Took the trolley back to Beale Street, starving at this point and went to Marlowes for the best ribs and chicken in town. We had a hard time getting up after that, we were so full. 

From there we took a ride to Graceland to see the Vigil. It was surreal. The people there paying homage to the man was amazing. Graceland itself was all lit up, the music was playing over the loud speakers, the honour guard was lined up the driveway with lit candles. No words could describe the feelings that we all experienced.

At the last minute we decided to take a trip to the KOTW competition to watch the remaining PRO's in the semi's. The band was on fire, as were the guys. The top going into the finals on Friday at 8:00 are: Matt King, Tyler Hunter, Brycen Katolinsky, David Lee, Vince King, Bruno Nesci, Nathan Belt, Anthony Shore, Jim Barone, Alex Swindle, Robert Washington and Tim E Hendry.

Not bad for a lazy day eh! See Y'all later (Like the Memphis accent) LOL






Daily Report From Friday August 16th, 2013.

DAY 8:

Today was somewhat of a busy day. We had to be at the KOTW competition for noon, so the guys could pick numbers and songs. Richard picked 1st and Anthony picked 3rd. The guys were amazing, now we wait for the results. The competition finished at 4:00. So we did a little shopping, not really Elvisy, sorry.

We had dinner at the hotel and then headed over to the Orpheum so all the guys could see the unveiling of the 40th anniversary of the "Aloha from Hawaii". Since Ev and I didn't have tickets Anthony described what the event was like. He said that is was a revamped version, showing different angles and crowd shots never seen before. There were bits and pieces from Elvis' Pearl Harbor concerts. The Stamps were special guests and they entertained the audience with a few songs. He said that its a must buy if you loved the original 'Aloha.'

Unfortunately Ev and I could not go to the screening so we decided to have a horse and buggy ride around downtown Memphis. (We were princesses for a hour. LOL )

After our ride, we walked down to Beale Street. If you've never walked Beale you need to come down in the evening. The Street is full of people having fun, dancing and enjoying the music. What a great night for 2 girls 

Once the screening was done we headed to the KOTW to watch the remaining pros and get the results.

They are as follows:


1. Marcus Jackson 
2. Anthony Carbone 
3. Todd Martin 


1. Tim E Hendry 
2. David Lee 
3. Vince King 

On-line people's choice: Robert Washington
People's choice: Vince King 

Night has come to an end, good night all.


Wrap Up

Daily Report From Sunday August 18th, 2013.

Well everyone, our holiday is coming to an end. This will be my last blog on this most fun filled holiday and the most memorable. 

In the morning we just did some antiquing and visited a great retro store called "Flashback" on Central Avenue. We tried to find the guys some retro shirts, but the ones there were too small, but I did find a really cool dress for Dusty Springfield. Can't wait to wear it.

We had dinner at the Olive Garden, just love that restaurant. Then we headed down to the Ultimate competition. It was amazing, some surprises but great never the less. The winner of the Ultimate was Dean Z, second place went to Adam Fitzpatrick (a Canadian), 3rd place went to Jay Dupuis. Amazing night, the guys were great and on stage, a great show. 

Once the show was done, we hopped the trolley and headed down to Beale street for the wrap up party. We got there a little too late, it was standing room only and we wanted to eat too. Yes we were hungry again. LOL. So we headed to the Blues City Cafè on the corner of Beale and 2nd Street for some great food. We bumped into GaryElvis Britt and Moira Stephans, who has been reporting for Collingwood. We also bumped into Ronnie Craig and Robert Washington as they came into eat. A very busy restaurant with great food. A good time had by all, trolley ride back to the parking lot and then back to our hotel at 2:00 am.

Good night all and hope you had fun reading the blogs of our very special holiday. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the continued support you gave Richard and Anthony. It really meant a lot to both of them and us too. They did their best to represent both Toronto and Collingwood. 

Cathy Carbone, signing off for the Toronto Elvis Festival.




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